Music is love and love is music


Nell was born in 1978, as the second in a family of three children.

After finishing school, Nell started her studies at the Royal Flemish Conservatory, department music, in Antwerp.

In 2002 she managed to get her third Master's degree on the piano, with Levente Kende.

The following year she completed these studies with a pedagogical education.

A sentimental journey

about Nell

The Piano

Nell - Jo Cassiers

From the age of five, the piano has been the common thread through my life. As a child I grew up playing this instrument, but I never realized that I could ever build a career with it. Not only classical music gives me satisfaction, but also the lively and carefree nature of pop music fascinates me. That’s where my love for singing was born.

The combination of these two worlds, classical and pop, piano and singing, always makes me curious for more. Not only the endless variety of melodies, but also the beauty of lyrics brought me to songwriting. Of course, music can only tell something if there’s an audience listening.

It is this audience that gives me the joy to always keep on making music.